Guns and Shooting Online 2023 Awards

By the Guns and Shooting Online Staff

It is October 2023 and once again it is time for the annual Guns and Shooting Online awards. We have had most of a year to appreciate the featured products and make an informed decision. Unlike most outdoor media, we do not give our annual awards to brand new and unproven products in January to attract or appease advertisers.

To receive this award, products do not have to have been introduced in 2023, or advertised on Guns and Shooting Online. They just have to be available during the current year and, of course, noteworthy in our estimation. The products below have been reviewed on Guns and Shooting Online and you can read the full review by clicking on each product link awarded below.

Shotgun Award: Fabarm Elos N2 RS

The Fabarm Elos N2 RS is Fabarm's finest achievement in a dedicated clays gun, a shotgun that has no equal at anywhere near its selling price. With superb balance, barrel regulation, triggers, and adjustment: the soft-shooting Elos N2 RS is all the clays gun anyone could ever want or need. 

Shotgun Award: Impala Plus 12 Gauge Semi-Auto

The Impala Plus is, directly put, the best bargain available today in a semi-auto 12 gauge. The best version is the "Emerald": with a walnut stock set and grey Cerakote, and that's the model we happily recommend.

Rifle Award: Henry Homesteader 9mm Pistol Caliber Carbine

Finally, from Henry: a 9mm pistol caliber carbine that isn't ugly, is dead-nuts dependable, and is a multi-purpose HD, small game, and fun gun to shoot.

Rifle Award: Savage 110 Apex Storm 350 Legend

This Savage shoots near 3/4 MOA out of the box, and is a dream come true for those hunting whitetail in straight-wall cartridge states. The video is here: .

Scope and Optics Award: Sightron S1  3-9  x 40mm  G2  Hunting Scope

The Sightron S1 series is bargain-priced, and a nice step up from basic "deer rifle in a box" type scopes.

Scope and Optics Award:
 Bushnell Prime 1800 Laser Rangefinder

This Bushnell is quick, quiet, with a terrific reticle, and it is brighter than most others. It is also a terrific value.

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