Maybe We Really Want Socialism

By Major Van Harl, USAF Ret.

I was standing in the town square in Christchurch, New Zealand (NZ) next to a policeman I had been on patrol with the day before. He advised me he was working the morning beat and suggested I come down and see him. As I stood there, the square started to fill up with young, good looking women. Some were by themselves but most were pushing baby prams and walking in twos and threes with other young women who appeared to be mothers. “Don’t you just love it, from womb to tomb, if it wasn’t for this system, these girls would never sleep with us” stated the young police constable.

I did not know what he was talking about. That was the first time I had heard the term womb to tomb (it was 1981). NZ is a social welfare country and the “state” is designed to take care of you from the time your mother is carrying you in her womb, until they lay your dead body in its tomb.

What made the young constable happy was that the young women knew that if they got pregnant out of wedlock and the father did not stick around to marry her or even support the child, then NZ became the other parent. The reason for all the women in the town square was that it was welfare check day and they had to come in and pick up their state aid. It would appear men love the concept; no responsibility for their sexual actions.

I am not picking on NZ, they have copied the European socialist way of life, where you tax the heck out of your people and then keep the populous on a short socialism/welfare leash of state-controlled existence. It is not really “free” state aid because everyone in NZ gets to pay for that young mother and her partner’s sex life issues. You tax everyone and then spread the wealth around to those who may not have as much as you do.

Maybe President-elect Obama has it correct. Even the hard working American who has to pay his bills would like to have some extra money that he did not earn.

When I first retired from the Air Force I worked for the Nevada Welfare Division, in child support enforcement. We would get these tall, beautiful women who would come in for welfare. From a male point of view, why would such extraordinarily good looking women needed welfare? It turned out they were the show-girl welfare moms. They come to Las Vegas, tall and extremely attractive, but with no marketable skills. They get a job in a big production show where all they do is stand around in loud, sexy costumes--no talent needed. Very quickly they are swept off their feet by a sophisticated Las Vegas business man who eventually gets them pregnant. He does not want to keep her once she is large with child and she has no way to support the baby, so she turns to the State of Nevada to fund her child.

Everyone is happy (sort of) except the taxpayer. The father skips out on his responsibility and the mother gets help without having to go back home to Iowa and listen to her parents tell her “I told you so.” Everybody wins except the taxpayer, but maybe he is the father or the grand parent of the baby. Could it be everyone is relieved that the “state” is stepping in to pick up the pieces of the broken life of yet another family member who has screwed up?

Carl Marx stated, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.” In other words, it means spread the wealth around. I thought Americans would be shocked to hear that their hard earned money would be taken from them and spread around to the (alleged) less fortunate in our country, but it would appear that we are not. It seems we like the idea of having the government step in and meet our needs when we cannot.

Remember that men devised the aid-to-dependent children in our State welfare systems. It was not to help the child; it was to allow the father to walk away from his financial responsibility to support a life he helped create. Sadly, new young mothers see these minimal welfare payments as a right, but more importantly an expectation that no matter what, the “state” has to take care of them. Spreading an American’s hard earned wealth around only breeds more long term problems in our society.

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