The Tipton Gun Vise

By Barr Soltis

Tipton Gun Vise
Photo by Barr Soltis.

Two weeks ago, I set out to mount my new Leupold VX 1x4x20mm scope on my equally new Marlin 338MX rifle. As I gathered the necessary tools, basically a screwdriver and a torque wrench, I noticed that my combination cleaning kit and rifle stabilizer was missing. I searched high and low, but it was not to be found. I thought back and remembered that the last time that I had seen it was at the range. It was a cheap plastic item, but it contained a wide variety of hex keys wrenches, brushes, patches, a bore light, etc., that increased my loss. As a result, I was in the market for a device to secure my rifle for cleaning, mounting scopes or for any project that requires your rifle to be completely stable.

I did the obvious internet searches and found a variety of plastic and wood rifle support systems, some of which had compartments to store all of your accessories and some that did not. Some were very simple in design and amounted to nothing more than two padded forks that support your rifle, while others securely clamped your rifle to hold it in place. The one that went missing was the former type. Prices ranged from $35 to $100.

My gunsmith and friend recommended the Tipton Gun Vise (Manufacturer # 782731), which retails for about $40.00. He ordered two of them, one for me and the other for himself.

Here are the Tipton Gun Vise Specifications:

  • 28" long
  • 7 1/2" wide
  • Made of space age plastic, with rubber pads to keep the gun from getting scratched
  • Ratcheting cam arm to lock down the stock
  • Convenient slot for your cleaning rod when you need to lay it down
  • Two holes for large bottles of cleaning solvents, two small holes for small bottles, two shallow dished recesses for hard to find screws
  • Large cut-out for a rifle bolt

The Gun Vise was shipped partially unassembled, but it was a no-brainer to put together. I have to admit that this was a real bargain. It completely secured all of the rifles that I own, from a .308 Savage with a Choate stock to a CZ 452 American .22 LR. Battleship gray and rock solid! Tipton also manufactures another gun vise called the Tipton Best Gun Vise for about $100.00 (Manufacturer # 181181).

If you are looking for a way to securely support your long guns for cleaning, scope mounting and similar chores, I do not think you will be disappointed with a Tipton Gun Vise. Sometimes you get more than you pay for and the Tipton Gun Vise is one fine example.

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