Simmons Master Series ProHunter Riflescopes

By Chuck Hawks

Master Series ProHunter 3-10x44
Illustration courtesy of Simmons Outdoor Corp.

The Simmons Master Series ProHunter scopes are one step below the top of the line Aetec models. Simmons representatives informed me that the main difference between these two Master Series lines was the omission of the aspherical lens element featured in the Aetec models. Also, the internal lens elements of the ProHunter receive a single layer anti-reflection coating and the external lens surfaces are multi-coated, while the Aetecs are fully multi-coated. Otherwise, the new Master Series ProHunters are supposed to be similar to the Master Series Aetecs in construction. There are many desirable features common to all Master Series ProHunter scopes, regardless of magnification range. Among these are:

  • True one-piece tube construction for increased durability and mounting area.
  • Simmons patented TrueZero flex erector reduces the effect of recoil on point of impact.
  • TrueZero windage and elevation dials for precise and repeatable adjustments, lower wear, and they are completely sealed against moisture--even with the caps removed.
  • Quick Target Acquisition (QTA) ocular provides a large eyebox for greater latitude in eye position and includes a fast focus eyepiece. Eye relief as great as 4.2", depending on model and magnification.
  • HydroShield lens coating helps maintain a clear sight picture even in rain or damp conditions.
  • SureGrip rubber surfaces for easy adjustment.

The Simmons Master Series ProHunter line consists of the following models:

  • 6X40mm Black Matte, Trueplex (#517740)
  • 2-7x32mm Black Matte, Trueplex (#517700)
  • 3-9x40mm Black Matte, illum. Truplex (#517702)
  • 3-9x40mm Black Matte, Truplex (#517711)
  • 3-9x40mm Silver Matte, Truplex (#517710)
  • 3-9x40mm Black Gloss, Truplex (#517712)
  • 3-10x44mm Black Matte, Truplex (#511044)
  • 4-12x40mm SF Black Matte, Truplex (#517716)
  • 6-18x40mm SF Black Matte, Truplex (#517721)
  • 6-18x40mm SF Target Grey, Truplex (#517722)
  • 6-24x44mm SF Black Matte, MilDot (#517703)

As you can see, Simmons has the popular 3-9x40mm niche well covered, with four different entries in the ProHunter line alone! On the other hand, they are offering only one fixed power scope, a 6x40mm model.

Special application models include the 3-10x44mm low light and 6-18x40mm Target Grey scopes. The latter is obviously intended for the classy Ruger Target Grey varmint rifles, an offering that many Ruger owners will doubtless appreciate.

The changes that I'd recommend to this line are a 3-10x44 illuminated reticle model to replace the present 3-9x40 IR scope and a compact 4x28mm fixed power model. I'd also like a fine Truplex reticle in the 4-12x, 6-18x, and 6-24x varmint scopes.

The new ProHunter scopes look good, with a matte black finish and a ruby red trim ring around the elevation adjustment knob that identifies a Master Series scope. The Master Series ProHunter is built on a true one-piece tube machined from aircraft grade aluminum. This construction is claimed to be stronger, 16% lighter, and incorporate 30% fewer parts than competing scopes.

Its TrueZero adjustments work well. Windage and elevation are fingertip adjustable, and turning either adjustment knob provides a positive tactile click. The SureGrip rubber surface of the adjustment knobs provides a non-slip grip. As always, I particularly appreciated the fast European-style focusing ring. Both it and the zoom ring also get the SureGrip rubber treatment.

The Simmons Trueplex reticle is the standard reticle for ProHunter scopes. Like others of its type, it is easy to see in dim light yet allows precise aim in bright light.

Simmons Master Series scopes are made in a factory Simmons built for the purpose in Red China. Unfortunately, production and quality control problems have been reported, and delivery of Master Series scopes has been repeatedly delayed. As a result, they can be hard to find at the time of this writing.

Simmons Master Series riflescopes come with a 48 hour turnaround guarantee. Their warranty reads: "If any Master Series riflescope is found to have defects in either workmanship or materials we will, at our option, repair or replace it FREE for the original owner within 48 hours of receipt at our repair facility."

The ProHunter line very competitive in price with such mid-priced stalwarts as the Bushnell Legend line. For the moment Simmons seems to have the technological advantage and it is certainly a classier looking scope.

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