Recommended Rimfire Rifle Brands

By Chuck Hawks with the Guns and Shooting Online Staff

One of the most frequent e-mail questions we get is, "What brand of hunting rifle should I buy?" In an effort to help I wrote, "Recommended Rimfire Hunting Rifles," which names the specific models that I personally prefer in a number of categories. But that article is based entirely on my opinion.

In order to get a wider range of opinions, I asked various members of the Guns and Shooting Online staff to name up to three of their favorite BRANDS of rimfire hunting rifles.

Here is the result. Note that each person's list is in alphabetical order, not order of preference, since every brand named is recommended.

Bob Fleck (Technical Assistant): CZ, Ruger, Savage.

Jim Fleck (Chief Technical Assistant): Anschutz, Browning, Kimber.

Terry Hart (Contributing Editor): Anschutz, Cooper, CZ.

Chuck Hawks (Managing Editor): Anschutz, Henry, Kimber.

Rocky Hays (Gunsmithing Editor): Anschutz, Ruger, Winchester (Low Wall only).

Gordon Landers (Editor): Ruger.

Nathan Rauzon (Technical Assistant): Marlin, Ruger, Savage.

Jack Seeling (Technical Assistant): Marlin, Remington, Ruger.

Carl Swanson (Writer): Marlin, Ruger, Taurus.

David Tong (Writer): Anschtz, CZ, Ruger.

Randy Wakeman (Senior Contributing Editor): CZ, Ruger, Savage.

Jon Y. Wolfe (Contributing Editor): CZ, Ruger.

A total of 13 different brands were recommended by our respondents. They ranged from top of the line brands such as Anschutz, Cooper and Kimber down to Taurus. Clearly, different individuals had divergent ideas about price and value!

If nothing else, you could reasonably conclude that you would probably not go too far wrong with a Ruger, Anschutz, or CZ rimfire rifle, and with that I would have to concur. For those who are interested in such things, here are the recommendation totals:

  • Ruger - 9
  • CZ - 5
  • Anschutz - 5
  • Marlin - 3
  • Savage - 3
  • Kimber - 2
  • Henry - 1
  • Browning - 1
  • Remington - 1
  • Cooper - 1
  • Winchester - 1
  • Savage - 1
  • Taurus - 1

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