Real Avid Level Right Pro

By Dr. Jim and Mary Clary

Illustration courtesy of REAL AVID, Inc.

Mounting a new scope on a rifle is never much fun. After you get the eye relief distance set you then work on leveling the reticle. Therein lies the source of many scope problems. Most shooters believe that sighting in the scope on range is the hardest part of mounting a scope.... not even close.

Getting the reticle level is the critical part. If the reticle is not level, then any and all adjustments made when shooting will be off. In other words, your accuracy goes to heck in a hand basket. And, the farther away you are from your target, the worse the deviations become.

Most of us have used the small levels on the turret covers and in the action to level our scopes. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. More often they result in a slight cant which is devastating to accuracy. Jim owns and has used just about every leveling tool on the market, and after he is finished, he hands me the rifle and I readjust the scope to level the reticle by eye. I have often wondered why he even bothers with the levels as they just never seem to get it right. To save a lot of time and effort, he could just hand me the rifle and let me adjust the scope. Of course, the reticle wouldn't be perfect, but the cant would be unnoticeable to most folks and satisfactory for normal hunting distances........ BUT, not for target shooting. Such has been our situation over the years. Sound familiar?

The reason that the use of levels is frequently wrong is that the turrets on most scopes are rarely perfectly aligned with the reticle. It is a function of the manufacturing process. Thus, even if your turret is level to your gun, the reticle may not be. This translates into a slight cant, often unnoticeable to the eye... but, critical for accuracy beyond 200 yards. OK, so you don't shoot anything beyond 200 yards, but wouldn't it be nice if when you “dialed in” at closer ranges that the scope functioned exactly as it was built to?

That is why, after some considerable trial and error, that the folks at Real Avid developed the Level Right™ Pro system. This system eliminates the cant in scope mounting by ensuring that the reticle is level with the bore. In four easy steps, your scope is perfectly mounted with a level reticle, perfect for hunting at any range or target shooting.

Rather than paraphrase the steps, we will quote them exactly from the instruction manual.
    1. In one easy step, use Level-Right Pro to level the gun and square the scope to the barrel. Then lock it down.
    2. Level and lock down Precision Alignment Grid behind the stock and turn on Reticle Light to project the reticle onto the             grid.
    3. With all components level and locked down, rotate scope tube within loosened rings to align the projected reticle with the             Precision Alignment Grid.
    4. Tighten ring screws while observing projected reticle on Precision Alignment Grid. Make sure the reticle remains level             throughout the process.

The kit includes the following:
1. Precision Alignment Grid
2. Faceplate with Scope Saddle
3. Picatinny Top Rail Mount
4. Standard Barrel Mount
5. Mini-Tripod
6. Rechargeable Light Projector with USB Recharging Cable

The MSRP of the Level Right™ Pro is $69.99. This system works every time. With it, there is no reason or excuse for canted, non-level, reticles which result in missed targets. This is one tool that Jim is keeping.

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