Real Avid Bore Boss

By Dr. Jim and Mary Clary

Real Avid Bore Boss
Illustration courtesy of REAL AVID, Inc.

We all have a wide assortment of gun cleaning tools/products and some of you may be wondering why we are writing about another. Very simply, the Real Avid ( Bore Boss is unique and a must-have for every hunter who ventures into the field. It can also come in handy at the shooting range.

When packing for an overnight or multi-day hunt, it is a rare person who takes their gun cleaning stuff with them. Yet, it is all too common for us to get dirt in the muzzle or action while hunting and then the dilemma becomes: how to remove it?

In my younger days I looked for small sticks and ripped off pieces of cloth from a tee shirt as a swab. Smile if you want, but think of your own hunts; sound familiar?

The Bore Boss is a handy and compact tool that is long overdue. It takes up very little space and the rubber casing protects it, and your other gear, from damage. Simply pull back the rubber TPR ring that covers the polycarbonate case to remove the Bore Boss.

The Boss is no ordinary bore cleaner. Instead of a weighted string, it has a poly-coated steel cable with a ball at the end. On the other end is a phosphor-bronze brush attached to a quality braided bore mop. You thread the cable through the bore, attach the ball end to the case, which now functions as a handle, and pull the Bore Boss through the barrel. The brush breaks most of the debris free and the mop pulls it out.

Bingo! a superb field clean and you are again ready to shoot. After cleaning, simply coil the Boss around the case, flip the TPR ring back in place and drop it back into your pack.

This handy tool is a great addition to any work bench for regular cleaning, but it can be a must-have in the field. The Bore Boss comes in the following sizes:

  • .22 Cal.
  • .223/5.56mm
  • .243/.260/6.5mm
  • .270/.280/7mm
  • .30/.308/7.62mm
  • .357/.38/9mm
  • .40/.41 Cal.
  • .44/.45 Cal.
  • 20 Gauge
  • 12 Gauge


  • Polycarbonate outside with TPR over molding.
  • Dual Action cable loosens and removes carbon.
  • Flex-Case Handle stores and protects Dual Action Cable.
  • Clean storing system keeps carbon, cleaners, lubricants from causing a mess.
  • Ergonomic Handle easily pulls Dual Action Cable.

With a 2017 MSRP of $9.99, most of us can afford to buy one for each of our primary firearms, without breaking the bank.

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