Real Avid AMP AR15 Multi-Tool

By Dr. Jim and Mary Clary

Illustration courtesy of REAL AVID, Inc.

The officers at Real Avid have made a habit of identifying problems and designing solutions that work. That is the case with the Gun Tool AMP units. Their Pistol and 1911 multi-tools are literally “must-have” tools for any shooter who ventures into the bush. However, the most amazing AMP in this family is the AR15 unit. Any shooter who uses an AR-platform rifle is aware of the problems which can occur during their use. As good as the AR rifles are, they can be problematic with repeated use. As such, they sometimes require a bit more than routine maintenance. And, if you do not have the proper tools with you at the range or on a hunting trip……. you are done.

With that in mind, the folks at Real Avid designed the AMP AR15 multi-tool. We will say, here and now, if you have an AR, you definitely need to pick up one of these units. They possess in a single unit, every possible/required tool necessary for field maintenance of the AR15. As with the Pistol and 1911 AMPs, the AR15 tool consists of two parts. The first part is the multi-tool itself. The individual tools are as follows:

    1. 2.6” Tanto blade

    2. Titanium and Black Oxide Finishes

    3. Bolt override

    4. Takedown punch

    5. Tap hammer

    6. Firing pin retaining pin puller

    7. 12 Bolt carrier group scrapers for carbon removal from BCG surfaces

    8. Carrier scraper

    9. Firing pin scraper

    10. Stainless steel tools are easy to access and lock into place

The second part of the AMP AR15 tool is the holster. The holster with its Molle compatible belt clip stores the magnetic bits, a full array of common AR15 related bits and implements and a fold-out magnetic driver to make in the field adjustments quick and easy.

The following bits are included:

    • 7/64 Hex

    • 1/8 Hex

    • 9/64 Hex

    • 3/16 Hex

    • T10

    • T15

    • #1 PHILLIPS

    • 1/4 Flat

    • A2 Front sight adjuster

The numbers on the holster illustration indicate:

#1 Quick Release lever to deploy the AMP multi-tool
#2 the storage areas for the magnetic bits
#3 Fold Out Bit Driver.

In case you are wondering how the multi-tool and holster go together, the illustration below “says it all”. The multi-tool slides right into the holster and locks firmly in place.

Illustration courtesy of Real Avid, Inc.

All of the tools in the multi-tool are stainless steel and lock firmly in place when deployed or when not in use. If you get the idea that the folks at Real Avid thought of everything when they designed this unit, you would be right. We cannot think of anything else that they should/would want to add on for field maintenance on a hunting trip or at the range.

If you have an AR-15 platform, the AMP AR15 should be on your “must have” list . You will find that the MSRP of $69.99 is a bargain and will save a lot of headaches in the field.

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