RCBS Quick Change Powder Funnel Kit

By Chuck Hawks

RCBS Quick Change Powder Funnel Kit
Illustration courtesy of RCBS

My friends at RCBS recently sent me a sample of their new #9190 powder funnel kit, the Quick Change. This new funnel kit came into being because of problems created by some of the new, fat, short-necked rifle cartridge cases. Existing powder funnels sometimes do not fit properly over these cases.

RCBS has attacked the problem with a funnel made of anti-static plastic that uses a series of 5 adapters to fit over practically any case, no matter how bizarre. These specifically include WSSM, WSM, SAUM, and Ultra Mag cases.

The adapters fit into the bottom of the funnel. Friction fit snugness is assured by the "O" rings supplied for each adapter as well as the (supplied) 4" drop tube. The adapters are numbered 17, 22, 27, 30, and 40 to indicate the approximate appropriate caliber.

The drop tube helps to get compressed powder loads into fat cases, which are often factory loaded with a witch's brew of powders not available to the reloader. This makes it practically impossible to duplicate the claimed factory ballistics without resorting to compressed loads. (And often not even then, but that is another story.) Additional drop tubes are available separately, and the drop tubes are stackable.

With the adapters removed the powder funnel has a big bore output that allows you to quickly pour powder back into its original storage container. The Quick Change Funnel is covered by an RCBS Lifetime Warranty.

Here is a list of the Quick Change Funnel parts, stock numbers, and applications:

  • #9191 Quick Change drop tube
  • #9192 Adapter .17-.20 (.17 Rem, .204 Ruger, .218 Bee, .22 Hornet)
  • #9193 Adapter .22-.264 (.222 Rem, .223 WSSM, .243 Win, 6.5x55)
  • #9194 Adapter .27-7mm (.270 Win, 7mm Ultra Mag, .32 ACP)
  • #9195 Adapter .30-.375 (.30-30 Win, .338 Win Mag, .375 H&H, .357/38 Spl, 9mm, .32 H&R)
  • #9196 Adapter .40+ (.416 Rem, .460 Wby, .40/10mm, .41/.44 Mag, .45 ACP, .500 S&W)

Despite being a bit more complex than your old powder funnel, the RCBS Quick Change Funnel works as intended. The next time you go shopping for a powder funnel, you might as well cover all bases by picking up an RCBS Quick Change Funnel Kit.

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