Three Mothers' Songs

Today we rightly pay homage to our mothers. Abraham Lincoln put it well when he said, "No man is truly poor who has had a godly mother." This morning I want us to look at three remarkable women.

Deborah, a Judge in Israel

Hannah, the mother of Samuel

Mary, the mother of Jesus

Each of these women were used mightily by the Lord in her times. Each of them also wrote songs. In these songs, we can learn a lot about the kind of heart attitude that the Lord holds dear to His heart. Mothers are also all about nurture and comfort.

My brother once confided in me that when we were kids, he used to fake being sick, just so he could stay home and have mom give him her attention. She used to check whether we had a fever by touching her cheek to ours. I smiled when he told me that. I smiled because I had done the same thing.

The other day I watched a young woman in the grocery store. She had a toddler and a baby. I was awed as I watched this otherwise nondescript twenty-something put on a mantle of dignity. I was struck with the fact that there stood before me one in a long line of special human beings who have the most important assignment in the world. She was shaping human beings.

It could have just as easily been Deborah, or Hannah, or Mary in front of me.

I know that my words will sound hollow or trite, but please accept my feeble attempt to say that I now speak for everyone in the congregation when I say, "Thank you" to all the mothers who have given their all so that we might thrive.

Judy and I were both blessed to have godly mothers. My children, Hannah and Peter, are also blessed to have a mom like Judy. She has nurtured and trained two remarkable young people who know who they are in Jesus.

So, thank you Mom. May the Lord bless you richly on this your special day.

Pastor Jim
May 13, 2007

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