Independence Day

I have been listening with great interest to the tone of the political debate as this election year progresses. The shrillness and the acidity of the barbs being aimed at the opponents is really intense. With the recent Michael Moore movie, the claim has actually been inferred that President Bush knew that the September 11th attacks were coming and did nothing to stop them.

In our own state there has been an active attempt to rehabilitate the image of a former Governor who has admitted having had sex with a 14 year old girl over a lengthy period of time. To read the editorials now, we are expected to understand that he was under a lot of stress and that, after all, he set up a fund to help with the girl's expenses. And, "Look what good he did as Governor . . ."

Finally, former President Clinton is out promoting his new book. In the interviews ramping up to its release, we learn that he actually told a senior staffer that he (the President) was the victim of a stalker (Monica Lewinsky) and that his proudest moment was the "victory" over the forces that tried to convict him after his impeachment.

I remember this quote from years ago, "In a time of war, the first casualty is always the truth." We are in a cultural war. Very intentional efforts are underway to redefine the very identity of America. Driving back from Portland the other night I heard a talk radio show in which the participants freely quoted Karl Marx and mused that the American nation was at the root of all that is wrong in our world.

On this Independence Day, I am going to take time to remind us about a few things. Given the current barrage of America bashing, I think it is only right to say:

  1. This nation was founded by people who yearned for a place in which they could freely worship the God of the Bible.
  2. The laws that govern this great nation were based on the Bible.
  3. The current conflict has its roots in conflicting views of who God is and what He is like and what He said.
  4. America is not guaranteed its unique place of favor and we can relinquish it by neglect and immorality.

My purpose is not to wrap myself in the flag and chant America right or wrong. My purpose is to sound a clarion call. Something precious is being threatened. Let's be thankful for the great gift that is America.

Pastor Jim
July 4, 2004

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