The Role of the Christian Citizen

I think it is fascinating that presidential politics cannot stray far from the Church. The Democratic nominee has a problem due to his affiliation with a radical pastor. Not to be outdone, the Republican nominee has had to distance himself from a mega church pastor whose endorsement has proven to be detrimental.

The whole debacle has me asking again, "What is the role of the Church in a pluralistic society?" Should we never get involved in politics? Should we become activists and form a powerful voting bloc? Or, is there something of an entirely different order that we should be about?

This week there will be fireworks, barbecues, flags displayed and the news will cover stories about the military. The channels will run all the "patriotic" films. I have missed most July Fourth celebrations with my family. I was usually on the other side of the country doing my active duty requirement for the Navy. I have been fascinated to see how different parts of the country celebrate the birth of our nation.

Lately, I have been thinking that the Church has had, and continues to have, a huge role in the life of our country. Unless you are intentionally ignorant of the facts, it is impossible to conclude anything other that the fact that this nation was founded by people who believed in the God of the Bible. It is equally impossible to conclude anything other than the fact that they came here from Europe to find liberty to worship that same God.

Now I see how those with another opinion are leery about Churches becoming militant. I also see though, that some Churches have removed themselves from the public life of the community, based on fear of being misunderstood. So it is with great caution, yet boldly, that I want to talk today about the role of the Christian citizen.

The Lord giving me grace, I pray that we will leave here this morning with a new appreciation of this amazing country and with a renewed commitment to be the salt and light that Jesus said we are. Amen?

Pastor Jim
June 29, 2008

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