Opinion on Abortion

By Christine Peterson

I am a walking punch line amongst my friends. I am Catholic, my political beliefs lean towards Liberal Independent, and I am married to a die hard Republican. (Which, although it has its moments, surely makes for lively dinner conversation).

Abortion is one of the most heated issues in debates. It involves human rights and for some reason it is also associated with women's rights. Although I do not myself accept abortion as an option, I understand why it has become legal. And I can understand the extreme situations people sometimes get into that can result in one seeing abortion as the only option. I am in no position to judge people. However, I do have concerns.

During the Vietnam War thousands of people marched on Washington DC, demanding an end to the Vietnam War. (Understandably, as it was a horrible and questionable war.) The shouts of "baby killers" echoed about. (Also understandable, as civilian casualties out numbered actual enemy casualties.) Harsh, but understandable, as the people marching demanded respect for life, and who were we to snatch it from anyone--especially helpless children who were born in the wrong country at the wrong time?

Fast-forward about 30 odd years. In May 2004 a demonstration was staged in Washington DC in the name of "women" and to secure "rights for women" by "keeping laws off their bodies." Bluntly translated, it was a demonstration to keep abortion legal. And there I saw Cybil Shepard screaming about her bodily rights.

Excuse me? If I am correct, Shepard, as well as several other female celebrities, were in Washington marching against the "baby killers" on pretty much the same spot about 30 years earlier.

So which is it? Are you a killer when you anonymously bomb an unseen, unheard child whose only crime is being in the target village that day, and whose life is terminated against his or her will? Or are you a killer when you end the unseen, unheard life of a child whose only crime is to be present in the womb, and whose life is terminated against his or her will? The way I view it, it is hypocritical for one to say how horrible it is to end life in a foreign war, and then turn around and legalize the ending of life.

Now, the biggest obstacle to being pro-life is that everyone immediately assumes I have some secret room in my basement, littered with bombs and the plans of every Planned Parenthood office within a 50-mile radius. This would be a travesty of my beliefs. People who have killed or condoned killing in the name of "pro-life" are extremely confused and mislead individuals. That isn't pro-life, that is misinformed.

I get a lot of flack for my beliefs. I guess I know some very clear-headed people, because about 95% of my near and dear friends are extremely Liberal. I have some interesting conversations with them. (Like a friend of mine who is Vegan, yet pro-choice. I still don't understand that; but hey, it's her mind.) Variety is the spice of life, and I recognize that. In fact, I am probably as well informed as I am because of my constant need to do research in order to defend my views in conversations with my friends. I wish others would try that method.

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