The Modern Chariot Driver for Islam

By Major Van Harl, USAF Ret.

During the Prohibition Era, when alcohol was illegal in the US, bootlegging became big business. The manufacturing of illegal alcohol was actually the easier part of the business. It was the distribution that was the major issue of this very profitable industry.

How do you move cases of alcohol around without attracting unwanted police attention? You use taxi cabs. What is more natural in a fast moving city then taxis running around all over the place dropping off and picking up people and things?

One of the benefits of organized crime is the extra profit it generates and how that money is spent. Buying legitimate businesses is also a good way to invest that ill-gotten booty.

Lawrence Fay was a 1920's bootlegger who bought up the taxi industry wherever he ran his illegal alcohol business. His taxis could go anywhere in the city hauling alcohol and at all times looking completely normal.

I drove a taxi cab in North Chicago when I was in college. I know what kind of nefarious activities can get conducted in a cab or at the destination to which the taxi takes a passenger.

Jimmy Cagney portrayed a bootlegger based on Lawrence Fay in the movie "The Roaring Twenties." Cagney's character was always looking to buy one more taxi cab. I would strongly suggest that Islamic terrorists have been watching old gangster movies and figured out the long term benefit of operating taxis in cities of the world, including the US.

Get yourself and your operation pre-positioned in a city that will someday be their target of opportunity. How better for a foot soldier of Islam to get to know the lay of the land for their future battlefield. The battlefield of urban warfare is the modern big city.

What is disturbing about this Muslim cabbie turned modern chariot driver for Islam issue, is we are being conditioned by Hollywood to accept this situation. Even if you have never been in a taxi cab you already expect to find a dark-skinned, non-English speaking person at the wheel. How many movies and TV shows have done some kind of scene about the foreign cab driver? Stand up comics always have at least one joke about taxi drivers in their act. Even Jay Leno, on national TV, has used taxi jokes.

We are being desensitized to a dangerous situation. Now there is the issue of Muslim taxi drivers in Minneapolis who, because of their religious beliefs, will not pick up a passenger who has a bottle of alcohol or a dog. "So what," you say, that passenger who just got off an airplane can take the next cab waiting in line. Find a non-Muslim driver and get on your way. But what happens when most, if not all, the cabbies waiting are Muslims?

First off, that sort of behavior is illegal, and it is called discrimination. What you may not realize is this "taking over of the taxi industry" by Muslim drivers is not just happening in the US. This is going on all over Europe.

There are so many Muslim cab drivers in Oslo, Norway that on an Islamic holy day you can hardly find a taxi on the road. A blind woman with her guide-dog in Oslo was turned down by twenty Muslim drivers before she finally was able to get a ride.

You see the Prophet Mohammed told the Muslim world that "Angels do not enter a house in which there is a dog or a picture." I find the picture part interesting because when I was in undergraduate school my dorm wing was full of Muslim-Iranian students. The two guys next door to me had their entire room, walls and ceiling completely covered with Playboy and Penthouse fold outs. You have to buy a lot of porn magazines to be able to wallpaper a college dorm room with nude pictures of women. I suggest that very few angels were able to get into that dorm room.

Republican Senator Conrad Burns of Montana stated "faceless terrorists drive taxi cabs in the daytime and kill at night." He lost his re-election this past year and you should read all the "hate-speech" on the internet about Senator Burns.

Is Senator Burns, as John the Baptist once stated, "a voice crying in the wilderness" or is he just a politically incorrect xenophobic redneck? Even if you choose not to believe the Islamic chariot driver analogy, on the criminal side, the sexual assault rate by foreign cab drivers has dramatically increased in Oslo. Do you feel safe?

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Copyright 2007 by Major Van Harl, USAF Ret. All rights reserved.

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