Linn County, Oregon Covered Bridges

Photography by Jerri Graff with text by Chuck Hawks

Oregon bridges are typically built of native Douglas fir. They were covered to protect them from the rainy weather. This approximately tripled the lifespan of a wooden bridge. Many of Oregon's covered bridges have been preserved, and are popular visitors' attractions.

There are 10 covered bridges in Linn County. All of the highway bridges use the Howe truss-type design (named for architect William Howe). All Linn County covered bridges are easily accessable by automobile. A particularly well marked and easily followed driving tour visits the five bridges in the Scio area. No federal funds go toward the maintainence of any Linn County covered bridge.

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Crawfordsville Bridge, built in 1932.

Crawfordsville Bridge, built in 1932.  Spans the Calapooia River next to Highway 228, which bypassed the bridge when it was improved in 1963.

Dahlenburg Foot Bridge.

Dahlenburg Foot Bridge.  This covered foot bridge was built as a school project.  It is located in Sankey Park, in Sweet Home, near Weddle Bridge.  It spans Ames Creek.

Gilkey Bridge, built in 1939.

Gilkey Bridge, built in 1939.  A sister to the Weddle Bridge, Gilkey bridge is on Goar Road, spanning Thomas Creek.

Hanna Bridge, built in 1936.

Hanna Bridge, built in 1936.  Hanna Bridge spans Thomas Creek on Camp Morrison Drive, and is notable for its exposed trusses.

Hoffman Bridge, built in 1936

Hoffman Bridge, built in 1936 with unusual Gothic-style windows.  Hoffman Bridge is on Hungry Hill Drive, and spans Crabtree Creek.

Larwood Bridge, built in 1939

Larwood Bridge, built in 1939.  Located on Fish Hatchery Road, Larwood bridge spans Crabtree Creek in the middle of a public park.

Shimanek Bridge, built in 1966.

Shimanek Bridge, built in 1966.  Built with dimensions of 22' x 130', this is the longest covered bridge in Linn County; its width is equaled only by Gilkey Bridge.  Painted red with louvered windows, the birdge is unlike any other in the county.  Shimanek Bridge spans Thomas Creek on Richardson Gap Road.

Short Bridge, built in 1945.

Short Bridge, built in 1945.  Located in Cascadia State Park, Short Bridge spans the South Santiam River on High Deck Road.  It is notable for its wooden shingle roof.

Stayton-Jordan Bridge

Stayton-Jordan Bridge, built in 1937, rebuilt in 1998.  The Stayton-Jordan Bridge now spans the Salem Canal, and connects Pioneer and Wilderness Parks in the town of Stayton.  It originally spanned Thomas Creek before being moved to its present location.  The bridge was destroyed by fire in 1995, and restored in 1998.

Weddle Bridge, built in 1937.

Weddle Bridge, built in 1937.  Located in Sweet Home, in Sankey Park, Weddle Bridge spans Ames Creek.  For 43 years the bridge spanned Thomas Creek, but was bypassed in 1980.  In 1989 it was moved to its present location.

Weddle Bridge

This view shows Weddle Bridge with Dahlenburg Foot Bridge in the background.  Both are located in Sweet Home, in Sankey park, and span Ames Creek.

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