Lane County, Oregon Covered Bridges

Photographs by Jerri Graff, text by Chuck Hawks

Oregon bridges are typically built of native Douglas fir. They were covered to protect them from the rainy weather. This approximately tripled the lifespan of a wooden bridge. Many of Oregon's covered bridges have been preserved, and are popular visitors' attractions.

Lane County has more covered bridges than any other county in Oregon. A truss and housing design furnished by the State Highway Departmant was used for most, but not all, Lane County covered bridges. Sixteen of the bridges below are owned and maintained by Lane County, and fourteen of these are still open to traffic. All Lane County covered bridges are easy to visit by automobile. No federal funds go to any Lane County covered bridge.

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Belknap Bridge

 Belknap Bridge in the community of Rainbow. Take Hwy. 126 to Mckenzie River Dr., proceed to King Rd.

 Cannon Street Footbridge

Cannon Street Footbridge in the City of Lowell.

Centennial Footbridge

Centennial Footbridge, Downtown Cottage Grove.

 Chambers Covered Railroad Bridge

Chambers Covered Railroad Bridge in Cottage Grove. The only covered railroad bridge in Oregon.

 Coyote Creek Bridge

Coyote Creek Bridge (sometimes called Battle Creek Bridge or Swing Log Bridge). Located south of Veneta just off Territorial Hwy. on Battle Creek Rd.

Currin Bridge.

Currin Bridge. Located on Laying Rd. at Row River Rd.

Deadwood Bridge

The Deadwood Bridge.  Located on Deadwood Loop, five miles from Hwy. 36 down Deadwood Creek Rd.

Dorena Bridge

Dorena Bridge.  Located just past the east end of Dorena Reservoir on Shoreview Drive.  From Cottage Grove take Row River Road east, past Dorena Reservoir, to Dorena Bridge.

Earnest Bridge

Earnest Bridge near Marcola, Oregon. Take Marcola Road to Paschelke Rd.


Goodpasture Bridge.  From Springfield, take Highway 126 east.  The bridge is just off Highway 126 past Leaburg Dam.

Lake Creek Bridge

Lake Creek Bridge; also sometimes called Nelson Mountain Bridge. Spans Lake Creek. Take Highway 36 to Nelson Mountain Rd.

Lowell Bridge

Lowell Bridge. Take Highway 58 to the Lowell intersection.

Lowell School Project Bridge

Lowell School Project Bridge, Lowell, Oregon. Built by Lowell High School seniors.

Mosby Creek Bridge

Mosby Creek Bridge. Spans Mosby Creek west of Cottage Grove on Laying Road.

Office Bridge

Office Bridge. Located in Westfir, Oregon.

Parvin Bridge

Parvin Bridge. East of Pleasant Hill, take Rattlesnake Rd. to Lost Valley Lane.


Pengra Bridge. Take Jasper-Lowell Rd. to Place Rd.


Stewart Bridge.  East of Cottage Grove at Mosby Creek Rd. and
Garoutte Rd.

Unity Bridge

Unity Bridge. On Jasp-Lowell Rd. 2.8 miles north of Lowell.

 Wendling Bridge.

Wendling Bridge. Take Marcola Rd. to Wendling Rd, proceed 3.5
miles down Wendling Rd.

Wildcat Creek Bridge.

Wildcat Creek Bridge. Spans Wildcat Creek Near Mapleton; on Siuslaw Rd, off Highway 126.

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