Hornady One Shot Spray Case Lube

By Gary Zinn

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Image courtesy of Hornady Mfg. Co.

Hornady One Shot Spray Case Lube (www.hornady.com) is designed for use when resizing bottlenecked cartridge cases for reloading. In my experience, it is a very desirable alternative to sizing waxes or creams that must be manually applied case by case, because it is quicker, less messy and more consistent in performance.

To use the Spray Case Lube, I start with cases that have been deprimed and cleaned in a vibrating case cleaner. I place them in a shallow loading block, which I set on some wrapping paper or butcher paper to catch overspray. I shake the can of case lube very thoroughly. Then, I spray it lightly over all sides of the block of cases, holding the can somewhat above the level of the cases and angling the spray downward so that some will get on the inside of the case mouths, as well as uniformly around the outsides of the cases.

After spraying, I let the cases dry for five to 10 minutes and then resize them. I am not a truly high volume reloader, but my records show that I have loaded over 2000 rounds total of .223 Remington, .260 Remington, .308 Winchester and 8x57 Mauser ammo using this sizing method. I have not had a single instance of a stuck case, dented case shoulder, or deformed case neck. I use a RCBS X-Die for the .223 Remington and Lee dies for the other calibers.

Besides the ease of application and trouble free results I have had with the Spray Case Lube, I also like it because there is no need for post-sizing cleanup. This is not true if one uses a wax or cream sizing lube, for the cases must be wiped individually or run through a vibrating case cleaner to remove the residue on them.

Some people swear by this product, while others swear at it. Obviously I fall into the first group. I do two things when using the Hornady One Shot Spray Case Lube that I believe help avoid some of the problems that others have claimed they encountered. First, I use just enough lube to get a light, even coverage all around the case bodies, but I carefully avoid dousing them.

Second, I make sure that the inside of my die is clean before I begin resizing a batch of cases and then I clean it again when I have finished. With what do I pre- and post-clean my sizing dies? Hornady One Shot Gun Cleaner and Dry Lube, of course. Hornady One Shot Spray Case Lube comes in five ounce cans (SKU 9991), with a MSRP of $11.17.

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