Hawke Optics Tracer LEDRay GL2 Gun Light - Green LED

By Randy Wakeman

Hawke Optics Tracer LEDRay GL2 Gun Light
Tracer LEDRay GL2 package. Illustration courtesy of Hawke Optics.

From the folks at Hawke Optics, a whole new line of lightweight LED gun lights has been introduced under the Tracer brand. The tested example is a green LED light, the Tracer GL2. The part #LR3512/14/16 LEDRayGL2 has a one inch bezel, 130 lumen output, weighs three ounces and thows its beam about 90 meters or 100 yards. Run time with a pair of CR123A batteries is five hours. The package includes the light, 1" and 30mm scope mounts with light mount, remote mounted cord w/switch and two CR123A batteries (see photo above).

Green light does not attract insects in the way incandescent white light does, and does not startle fish or game as much. Green light also holds an advantage over incandescent light in particulate-filled environments like fog, haze, or rain.

Well how well does the GL2 gun light work? I tried it out of the back of my house at night in very heavy freezing rain. It burned through the thick mist with no trouble.

The Hawke Optics Tracer line is extensive, apparently the top-selling brand in the U.K. so it isn't like they are starting from scratch, although this is the first time they have been available in the United States. It includes lithium battery packs, tactical lights, hand-held floods and real gun light powerhouses like their "Tri-Star Pro" (1600 lumen, 1000 ft. range). If the example GL2 I've experimented with is any indication, this is a well-made, well thought-out product group.

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