G.P.S. Tactical Briefcase

By Dr. Jim and Mary Clary

G.P.S. Tactical Briefcase
Illustration Courtesy of G-Outdoors, Inc.

In today's mobile society, tactical shooters want to be able to carry some of their gear without having to lug around a heavy range bag. This G-Outdoors (www.goutdoorsproducts.com) G.P.S. Tactical Briefcase fills that need. It is constructed with the same 1000 Denier material as the other tactical gear in the G.P.S. line and comes with a YKK lockable main zippered compartment for legal transport.

Why legal, you might ask? Well, there is an internal handgun holster for quick access, should you need it, and pouches for extra magazines.

The Tactical Briefcase can be used for unobtrusive handgun carry, as well as a range bag. With three primary storage areas with backside zip pockets and four external easy access pockets, you can carry just about everything you need for meetings, conferences, personal defense or a casual afternoon at the range.

Because the tactical shooter does not want to leave anything at home, there is even a padded laptop storage area. The walls, bottom and side of this briefcase are padded to provide extra protection for your cell phones, tablets and laptop.

The patented G.P.S. Visual I.D. icon system identifies the various storage areas for quick access. There is a metal reinforced shoulder strap for a very comfortable carry, in addition to a typical, briefcase style, carrying handle. Add in the hook and loop area for your name and you have the perfect shooters' briefcase.

We have yet to see anything on the market that compares to this. The 2015 MSRP of $119.99 is a decent price for a high quality briefcase, especially when you consider that the Tactical Briefcase is built to last for decades.

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