Cottage Grove, Oregon Covered Bridges

Photographs by Jerri Graff, Text by Chuck Hawks

Oregon bridges are typically built of native Douglas fir. They were covered to protect them from the rainy weather. This approximately tripled the lifespan of a bridge. Many of Oregon's covered bridges have been preserved, and are popular visitors' attractions.

Cottage Grove is the "Covered Bridge Capitol of Oregon," with two covered bridges in the city itself, and four others in the surrounding area. One of these, Chambers, is the only covered railroad bridge in the state.

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Centennial covered footbridge

Centennial covered footbridge in Cottage Grove, built in 1987 to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Cottage Grove. The footbridge can be found in a small park just off Main street in downtown Cottage Grove.

Dorena covered bridge

Dorena covered bridge, built in 1949, modified in 1996. Dorena Bridge is located just past the east end of Dorena Reservoir on Shoreview Drive. From Cottage Grove take Row River Road east, past Dorena Reservoir, to Dorena Bridge, which now serves as a rest area.

Mosby Creek covered bridge

Mosby Creek covered bridge, built in 1920 on Laying Road.

Stewart covered bridge

Stewart covered bridge, built in 1930. Located at Garoutte Road and Mosby Creek Road.

Chambers covered railroad bridge

Chambers covered railroad bridge, built in 1925. In Cottage Grove, take South River Road to the intersection of Harrison Street.

Currin covered bridge

Currin covered bridge, built in 1925 to replace an earlier covered bridge built in 1883 in the same location. The bridge spans the Row River on Laying Road, just off Row River Road. Currin Bridge is the only red bridge with white portals in Lane County.

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