The Column, No. 133:

Should You Buy a Gun Today?

By Randy Wakeman

You might want to seriously consider it, for several reasons. Our so-called transitory inflation shows no sign of abating, so as a matter of course gun prices have to rise. Everything firearms are made from: steel, aluminum, polymer, wood . . . has risen in cost, as well as skyrocketing transportation costs in terms of both incoming and outgoing freight. We've all experienced sticker shock due to these factors and the firearms industry is not immune from these costs.

To be sure, with the discontinuation of Thompson / Center Arms by Smith & Wesson, the poor performance of low to no production, no warranty, no customer service RemArms, there are products you might want to steer clear of unless “no parts” is music to your ears. However, all of the factors that have spiked manufacturing costs in many or most industries hits home in the firearms industry.

Timing the firearms market is just as fruitless as trying to time the stock market, but the fundamental, rational way of valuing product is by replacement cost. Next month, the manufacturing replacement cost of a good quality firearm is destined to be far higher than it was just a few months ago. Street prices must follow as a matter of course.

Good quality firearms from reputable companies may last for many decades: mine sure have. While my upscale Sony flat screen fried a board 14 months after purchase, and my new Google Pixel phone had its battery swell so much it distended the case and disconnected itself, firearms well-cared for are not subject to this level of junk transformation in 14 months.

While I'm hardly touting firearms you don't want or don't have a use for next year, there are solid investments from solid companies out there you that you can buy in confidence. That would be Savage Model 10 / 110 bolt-actions, Browning X-Bolt models, Ruger Mini-14's and 10/22's in rifles, Sig P365 models and Glocks in handguns, Mossberg SA-20's, Fabarm USA L4S models, and Retay USA in semi-auto shotguns. These firearms are not going out of style and may well serve you and your family for generations. If you can find the model you want now, you'll save significant dollars vs. what the market conditions dictate in 2022.

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