Cass Creek Electronic Game Calls

By Randy Wakeman

Cass Creek, Inc. ( has taken electronic calls and electronic training devices to a new level of realism, convenience, and affordability. Perhaps you have "enjoyed," as I have, the heavy elaborate call set-ups using records, heavy batteries and cassette tapes. The old way has now gone the way of the eight-track tape.

The Cass Creek calls are had held units that use digital, natural recordings of wildlife recorded out in the wild. The artificial nature of other calls has been rendered obsolete, and with current voice chip technology, the background hiss and scratching that can be a negative to the ears of game is eliminated. This is one of those areas where not only has the cost gone down, but the quality of sound has gone up, way up.

As good and as easy to use as the hand held callers are, the Cass Creek "Nomad MX3" system allows you to move the sound. With one unit, you can have your predator calls coming from well behind you. A Cass Creek Call and a "Rigor Rabbit" is a superb set-up for getting those coyotes running in. More sophisticated approaches let you use multiple receivers to have actual moving sound.

They are nothing short of spectacular in performance, and a tremendous bargain in price. There isn't much else to be said, except to try a Cass Creek call for yourself. Varmint hunters and wildlife photographers alike now have some thing to really "crow" about.

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