Bushnell Rainguard Waterproof Jacket

By Ed Turner

Bushnell Rainguard Waterproof Jacket
Illustration courtesy of Bushnell, Inc.

Perhaps a few words about this fine parka/jacket are worthwhile. This is supposedly a $129 waterproof jacket (I'll call it a parka) given as a rebate upon buying any Bushnell product having "Rainguard" lens coatings. I have bought three or four Bushnell scopes with Rainguard the last two years and my third rebate parka should be on its way soon.

This is a very nice, quiet and seemingly well-made parka adequate for any cool or, with added insulation, cold weather hunting. My first parka was initially broken in on cold April mornings hunting for turkeys in Tennessee and it was great. Quiet and plenty warm enough for those 35-50 degree (F) mornings. I was impressed.

Pockets galore with two lower patch, two lower slash/hand and two large chest zipped (again, map type), plus an inside zipped pocket. I have not worn a Bushnell parka in a heavy rain yet, but it looks as if it will work very well with hood, high zipper with double storm flap at the top and ties at both the top and bottom. Add some waterproof bibs and you should stay dry in all but a monsoon.

A bit of advice: If you have purchased a Bushnell Elite scope or other Bushnell Rainguard product, send a $10 check for shipping and get one! Well worth the effort. My friend and I remark every time we wear ours just how glad we are that we sent off for them!

Overall Rating: C+ (the price cannot be beat though, and value/dollar would make it an A+)

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