The Turn of Affairs

By Bronwen Fitzhugh

As time has gone on matters have unfolded in such a way that I would like to see where they stand a year from now. Will we learn any lessons or will we soon we back to business as usual? Many rocks were lifted since 9/11 and lots of unsavory things were exposed, but exposure is not the same as extermination.

Everything from what is actually being taught at universities to immigration to the unintended consequences of British colonial policies (particularly their regrettable policies surrounding partitioning) to the current state of the US military to the fabric and structure of our foreign alliances to the present condition of the global marketplace. Individuals are revealed who are both to be praised and despised anew for their actions and the results of their actions. Rhetoric is everything on TV.

The call for US dollars to be spent abroad continues and is accelerated at every decision we make. At home the majority of voters are still stupefied by their own inability to logically bring to terms their condemnation of government on one hand and confidence that government is the answer on the other hand.

Anyone with any brain at all knew for the last ten years that it was only a matter of time until any and all of the above would come to light. Will we finally address these matters from our hegemony or will the US go on pretending to an equality with other nation/states it does not possess either economically, militarily or even morally?

I neither hope nor despair. Rather I am interested, as ever, in the turn of affairs.

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