What is a Trulock Dove Choke?

By Randy Wakeman

U.S. Fish and Wildlife HIP estimates for 2020 for mourning dove were a total harvest of 11,727,200, 748,900 hunters active hunters, and 2,195,600 total days afield in the U.S. I've heard estimates of 50 million to 85 million shotshells expended at doves annually. What the exact number might be I have no idea, but it is a lot of hunters and a whole lot of shots being fired.

Dove hunting has always been popular, as it accessible, fun, and doesn't normally require a lot of specialized gear. Growing up in Illinois, it was always a family event where everyone got together from Grandma and Grandpa to the grand-kids. Many people hunt doves, but don't often hunt anything else. My traditional technique has been standing in a field looking like an idiot, meaning taking whatever comes by.

In many areas, dove hunting is a passion. Yet, there is a bewildering array of shot materials and loads, and patterning a shotgun might not be a priority to a casual dove hunter, or might not be done at all. Trulock has simplified things, making it easy to get an effective choke tube. The Trulock Dove chokes come in two flavors: Mid-Range and Long Range. Both versions are rated for steel, tungsten, lead, you name it.

The Trulock Mid-Range Dove choke, tested with Federal Hi-Bird 1-1/8 oz. and Federal Hi-Bird 1-1/4 oz. shells both averaged better than 80% patterns at 35 yards. Like all Trulock chokes, your satisfaction is guaranteed for sixty days or your money back, and in addition to that, there is the Trulock Lifetime Warranty beyond that.

The whole idea is put more birds in the bag with less shots fired with a minimum of hassle. For more information, check out https://trulockchokes.com/ .

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