Retay USA GPS XL 12 Gauge 3.5 inch Pump Shotgun

By Randy Wakeman

Retay has established itself as the best of breed in inertia action semi-auto shotguns in just a few years. The examined shotgun here is what apparently will be part of Retay USA's pump-action line-up for 2022. My example of the GPS XL is finished in Max-5 Camo, with a 28 inch ventilated rib barrel that has a red fiber optic tubular bead at the muzzle.

The 3-1/2 inch chamber 12 gauge Retay GPS XL weighs in at 7 lbs., 2 oz., with a trigger that breaks on the heavy side at 5-1/2 pounds or so. This is the one gun that does it all platform. While a bit heavy for those who want a spritely upland gun, it is serviceable on the dove field and the goose pit alike. Like most hunting repeaters, I feel that the GPS XL would be better handling with a 26 inch barrel rather than this 28 inch example.

Rather than the standard 5 year Retay USA warranty, the GPS XL comes with a 2 year warranty for some reason. It is supplied with three flush chokes, but no adjustment shims, although it looks like shims could easily be provided. The recoil pad is just adequate, but the more generous Retay Masai Mara pad could likely be screwed right on. Gone is the Masai Mara / Gordion steel trigger guard, with cheap plastic in its place . . . a concession to keep this gun affordable.

Retay, like several manufacturers, uses irritatingly dinky little crossbolt safety buttons. The safety button should be 35% or so larger in diameter on a hunting gun like this. The safety placement is good, at the back of the trigger guard, but it unreasonably small. The Max-5 camo is beautifully applied.

I generally like this shotgun, although with a better recoil pad, a larger safety, and included shims it would be far more desirable. Little things can mean a lot, and lots of little things can mean a whole lot. I also like the look and feel of the forearm, much better than the Retay GPS Tactical. According to Retay USA, full production is estimated to begin in June of 2022, with availability in September. Some features and specifications will likely be changed by then.

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