The Column, No. 152:

Benelli's Temper Tantrum

Opinion by Randy Wakeman

It sounds like something at Benelli USA is even more fishy than their fish tank.

A surprisingly insulting, spectacularly dishonest piece of hate-mail suddenly came over from apparently an anonymous entity at Benelli USA, though it was sent from a Benelli media outlet who had already promised a SBE3 20 gauge for review quickly, in person, at the 2024 SHOT Show.


We received your request for the T&E of the Benelli SBE3 model 10343 shotgun. Based on your previous reviews of Benelli USA firearms, we feel it would be best to redirect our limited media samples to journalists and outlets that objectively and fairly evaluate our firearms.

Benelli USA”

While I'm sorry that Benelli suddenly has “limited media samples,” perhaps some Guns and Shooting Online readers can start a GoFundMe to help save the now, ostensibly struggling Benelli USA? However, according to MediaSpend:

Benelli USA is part of Beretta Holding S.p.A.. They spent under $100 million on advertising in digital, print, and national TV in the last year. They invest in premium ad units and advertised on over 100 different Media Properties in the last year across multiple Media formats. Benelli USA launched and advertised 2 new products in the past twelve months.” Someone has a very, very poor relationship with the truth.

In reality, Guns and Shooting Online has quite diligently reviewed Benelli product for decades, the staple of G & S Online has always been candid, honest reviews. The last Benelli review is right here, for all to see: . It would take substantial intoxication or delusion to call that review anything but objective and fair.

In all these years, Benelli has never contacted G & S Online to my knowledge with any complaints about inaccurate information, much less any lack of fairness. Whether expensive or economical, or brand name or obscure, that does not play any role in reporting what firearms do, good or bad, or whether they are reviewed. Since 1997, since Chuck Hawks founded this site, the goal has been sharing information. That goal has not and will not change.

I well understand that some brands far prefer to review their own product or have “reviews” come from only their paid pro-staffers. It is not a good look at all, and it seems Benelli is now panic-stricken at the notion of independent, honest assessments of their products. This is not so simply perfect.

G & S Online readers are apprised of what reviews are forthcoming, from Browning, Mossberg, Ruger, Sig, Fabarm, Savage, Henry, S & W, as well many other less common names. One of the forthcoming reviews mentioned on this site was the SBE3 20 gauge that Benelli promised. That is no longer happening and now you know why that is the case.

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