The Column, No. 150:

The Total Annihilation of Remington Firearms

By Randy Wakeman

CEO of Remington Outdoors, Ken D'Arcy, led Remington to its second bankruptcy in as many years. Mr. D'Arcy was with Remington Outdoors from December, 2018 until its demise and subsequent blown apart, auctioned destruction. Previous to that, Mr. Darcy was with former paintball giant, G. I. Sportz.

Oct 16, 2020 — Paintball equipment makers G.I. Sportz Inc. and Tippmann are bankrupt after defaulting on $29 million of debt.” It was just a few weeks prior that Roundhill Group, a company with no known real estate holdings or firearm industry experience, purchased the Ilion, NY former Remington plant. Bankruptcy veteran Ken D'Arcy was made CEO of “RemArms.” The newly created RemArms ran into immediate problems, for they had no firearms manufacturing license.

Roundhill wasted little time in filing a lawsuit against Remington Outdoors, which they lost.,_LLC_v_Remington_Outdoor_Company,_Inc

Roundhill quickly decided to shaft legacy Remington firearms owners, offering no parts or service. Further, the RemArms start-up decided to proudly back their remnant products with no warranty. The former Remington portfolio of firearms was quickly gutted, leaving little more than second rate 700 rifles and cheap 870s. Although a “Versa Max II” was advertised, it too joined the scrap heap of history along with Remington rimfires and handguns. Although the Model 7600 rifle and the Model 1911 R1 pistol were both released as part of the Remington 200th Anniversary collection, they have vanished as well.

Moving south cannot cure stupid, as the former Remington locations of Madison, North Carolina and Huntsville, Alabama attest to. It was three years ago that Roundhill moved in to New York. Roundhill set Alabama, NC, TN, and other facilities on fire-- for they decided to retain Remington in Ilion, sucking all the city funds, tax breaks, and union concessions they could under the grand lie of staying in Ilion and protecting the skilled workers and suppliers in Herkimer County, New York. Although Roundhill claimed that they were “expanding” into Georgia, the reality is that they have skulked and shrunk into Georgia, setting up in the empty Emma Hill automotive floor mat plant. This is not at all a Merry Christmas to the loyal Remington employees of Herkimer County.

The handguns are gone, the rimfires are gone, the 7600 / 7400's are gone, the Versa-Max is gone and so it goes. RemArms hasn't made much of anything since they took over. Apparently, they no longer make shotgun barrels. The “modern” Remingtons are themselves long in the tooth. The Versa Max is 14 years old and now deader than snot. The 11-87 is history as well.

The idea that a new gun company can be formed around plastic trigger guard 870s and plastic stocked old 700s is a fairy tale. The skimpy old product line of RemArms loses market share every year, and every year more models hit the spiraling, steaming scrap heap of history.

Remington's best engineering talent, customer service talent, and marketing talent long ago fled RemArms to work for more legitimate companies: Ruger, Mossberg, and FN among them. No one I know is excited about an old pump gun, an old bolt action rifle, and so forth. Loyal Ilion employees that stuck with the hollow promises of Roundhill all got canned. Roundhill has royally screwed most everyone they have touched: employees and suppliers alike. The sleazy carnival show is apparently now over.

RemArms isn't Remington and never was . . . it is Roundhill. Roundhill never had to open in New York at all-- but, they chose to. A modern facility with a non-union work force in a gun-friendly state was already established and fully operational for years (since 2014), in Huntsville, Alabama. It was 112 acres and 800,000 square feet.

The oldest firearms company in the United States is no more. On October 21 of 2020, Chase Campbell of WUTR-TV reported “Richmond Italia is the new owner of the Remington Arms plant in Ilion.” Rich Italia, Jeff Edwards, and other self-proclaimed Roundhill principals are now nowhere to be found. It took Roundhill just over three years to accomplish what the Civil War and two World Wars failed to do: completely annihilate Remington Firearms.

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