Review: 2019 Remington V3 Waterfowl Pro

By Randy Wakeman

The tested shotgun is one of the most highly anticipated shotguns of the year. Remington offers this V3 Waterfowl Pro with 28 inch barrels in three variations: Burnt Bronze Cerakoted Barrel and Receiver with Realtree Max 5® Camo, Burnt Bronze Cerakoted Barrel and Receiver Mossy Oak® Shadow Grass Blades™ Camo, and Patriot Brown Cerakoted Barrel and Receiver with Realtree Timber® Camo. The tested V3 Waterfowl Pro is the Patriot Brown / Realtree Timber model, Remington #83439.

The most common question is what is so different about the V3 Waterfowl Pro model from the standard models? As it turns out, quite a bit. You get three extended chokes, a shim kit for cast and drop, and a sling included. Of course, the receiver and barrel is finished with tough Cerakote. But, there's a lot more.

The receiver's loading gate is redesigned for faster, easier loading. The cross-bolt button safety is redesigned as well, with a more sculpted profile. The Waterfowl Pro has a larger charging handle, and an extremely well-done over-sized bolt release all hunters will love. This model has a green light-pipe fiber optic type tubular bead at the muzzle. Both the light-pipe and center beads are threaded, but not held with Loctite, so you can remove or replace them easily if you wish.

My example weighs about the same as other V3 synthetic models, 7-1/4 lbs., and has a stunningly clean trigger for an autoloader that breaks at 3 lbs. 9 oz. All V3's that I've tested have excellent triggers: the V3 Turkey Pro and this Waterfowl Pro are the best of the best in that regard. This V3 Waterfowler retains the magazine cut-off of previous V3 Field Sport Models and has the same Super Cell recoil pad as well. The gas system no longer has a vented gas block, as the initial synthetic models had, a small but important tweak. The receiver is drilled and tapped for optics mounting for predator or turkey hunting applications if you wish.

I've made no secret of my personal preference for a 26 inch barrel in the V3, I do hope they offer a 26 inch model, but I may just take a standard blued 26 inch barrel and have Patriot Brown Cerakote applied myself. I see where Remington has a new standard V3 model in Realtree Timber camo, 26 inch barrel only, so a replacement barrel in Realtree Timber would match the stock and forearm of the tested Waterfowl Pro.

In the duck blind or goose pit, 28 inch barrels are the most popular, likely why Remington went with the 28 inch barrels in these models. For walking up type hunting, I like the 26 inch, but from a blind seated on a bench or a bucket, it doesn't matter much. Regardless of what I like, it seems most folks want a 28 inch barrel on their waterfowling repeaters.

There isn't much to grouse about with this gun. It is the softest-shooting shotgun on the market in this weight class, with the lowest maintenance, the best trigger, the best warranty (written lifetime), and so it goes. It will run 2500 rounds without cleaning, but I personally wouldn't do that . . . but the gun will, though.

Retailing for $1195, you can expect to find them with the usual dealer discounts around $950 steel price, the same general level as the V3 Turkey Pro. The V3 Waterfowl Pro at the street price is $400 (or more) less than similarly configured Browning, Beretta, and Benelli models and is a better gun with a better action, trigger, and so forth. For example, a Browning Maxus “Wicked Wing” 3 inch 12 gauge runs $1,529.99 street price. Saving $580 and ending up with a demonstrably better shotgun doesn't happen every day, but Remington has just done it.

The V3 line has continued to grow, from the original synthetic Field Sport Models, to the walnut V3 Field Sport, to the V3 Compact, the V3 Turkey Pro, and a couple of V3 tactical models introduced at the 2019 NRA Show. The unique short-barrel V3 Tac-13 has been out for a while by now as well. That's ten different styles of V3 so far. All of these models are 3 inch chambered 12 gauges and, according to Remington, there are no plans for a 20 gauge or any other gauges. There may be upland and or adjustable stock competition versions in the future, but nothing concrete has been announced as of yet. While the V3 Turkey Pro was released a little too close to comfort for some of this year's turkey seasons, the V3 Waterfowl Pro models are out now, with plenty of time for everyone to get one before the fall hunting seasons.

The Remington V3 Waterfowler Pro is both the autoloading shotgun bargain of the year and the best multi-purpose shotgun Remington has ever made. There is little left to say, except congratulations to Remington Arms.

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