Retay USA GPS Tactical Pump

By Randy Wakeman

Retay USA is in the process of expanding their semi-automatic shotguns into the slide-action sector. The inaugural offering is the Retay GPS with a MSRP of $349. It has an 18 inch barrel, has a 3+1 shell capacity as tested with 3 inch unfolded length shells, and weighs in at 6 lbs., 6 oz. The trigger is exceptionally light and crisp, breaking at 3 lbs. 11 oz.

This is what Retay USA publishes as the specs:

Gauge 12 GA

Chamber 2-3/4’’ or 3’’

Action Extra Short 3" Travel Pump Action with Geometric Glide Forend System

Magazine 5+1 2¾" or 4+1 3" Shell with Integrated Sling Swivel Mounts

Choke Interchangeable MaraPro Chokes C, M, F

Rib none

Recoil Pad Sculpted Microcell Polyurethane

LOP 14.37”

Drop at Heel 2.16”±.04”

Drop at Comb 1.45”±.04”

Weight 6 lbs 1oz.

Although it looks like the GPS can take stock adjustment shims, none are provided. The capacity is 3+1 with 3 inch shells on my example, not 4+1 as claimed. This is unacceptably low capacity compared to common HD pump shotguns, such as the 7 shot Mossberg 590A1 #50765 with an 18.5 inch barrel. The six-shot Winchester SXP Defender has a similar configuration to this Retay, with a better recoil pad. 

Although Retay has published that the trigger group is milled steel (as found on the Masai Mara and Gordion semi-automatic models), it is actually a cheap plastic trigger guard with visible mold lines.

Retay has established a good reputation for customer service. For some reason, the standard 5 year warranty on Retay shotguns is just 2 years on the GPS pump, which directly suggests a lower standard of quality and durability. This is not a fabulous approach, as far as I'm concerned. To be fair, there are obviously concessions being made to keep this shotgun affordable. It is a dull, plain-Jane, utilitarian shotgun that fills a need. I feel the GPS would be far more desirable with included shims, a more generous safety button, better shell capacity, and as a combo set with a field vented rib barrel so you can hunt with it as well.

All that said, it appears to be a solid product, yet with a few minor enhancements it could be much, much more than that. More info is at .

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