Retay Arms Gordion Waterfowl 12 Gauge Autoloading Shotgun

By Randy Wakeman

The test article is the new for 2020 Retay USA Gordion in Mossy Oak Bottomland Camo, with a 26 inch barrel. It is surprisingly light, weighing in at just over 6-1/2 pounds (6 lbs., 9 oz.). The trigger is excessively heavy, breaking at over five pounds if pulled briskly, but if squeezed breaks at a heavier weight than the gun itself: 7 lbs. This Gordion needs a trigger job badly.

The Retay Gordion has a $799 MSRP price in basic black, $899 MSRP in camo (as tested) or walnut. The first question most will have is what the differences are between the Retay Masai Mara and the value-priced Gordion.

The Gordion has a one-piece receiver as opposed to the more expensive to machine Masai Mara two piece receiver assembly. The Gordion has a machined alloy trigger array as does the Masai Mara, but only the Masai Mara has the push-button quick-release feature.

The Gordion has a bit cheaper recoil pad which is not as quite as generous as the Masai Mara pad. The Gordion has the same excellent general build quality as the Masai Mara, has the “no Benelli Click” Inertia Plus bolt, and comes well-presented in a lockable hard case with five choke tubes. This Gordion also has the same speed-unloading as the Retay Masai Mara Air King models.

Retay's published specifications for the Gordion are as follows.


12 GA


2-3/4" to 3" - 76mm


Inertia System


Precision Drilled Steel


Removable Chokes S-IC-M-IM-F



Recoil Pad

Sculpted Ergonomic Comfort Recoil Pad


14.37" - 365mm

Drop at Heel

2.16”±.04” adjustable to 1.77”-1.96”-2.36” 55±1mm adjustable to 45-50-60

Drop at Comb

1.45”±.04” - 37±1mm


6lbs 2.7oz - 2.800g

Stock Finish

Oiled, Hydrographic or Dye Molded


Molded ABS or Turkish Walnut With Laser Cut Engraving

Lower Receiver

Aluminum, Anodized, Hydrographic

Stock Fit

Walnut or Molded ABS With Adjustable Fit Plate and Shim System

Magazine Capacity

4+1 - 3" Shells


Cross Bolt Push Button Intercepter

Trigger Group

Aluminum Trigger Guard


Automatic Anti-Repeat System


Single Bead TruGlo Fiber optic ( red )

My initial impression of the Gordion is that is an excellent lightweight shotgun with the best inertia action in the industry, marred only by the excessively heavy trigger and a mediocre recoil pad. Lacking any further information from Retay, the trigger was destined to pay a visit to Precision Sports in Oshkosh, Wisconsin: . The trigger came back at a pleasing, clean, 4 pound break.

The MSRP starting at $799 makes this shotgun an extremely strong value. Everyone will appreciate the easy loading, the speed-unloading, and the advanced no-click Inertia-Plus action. At about 6-1/2 lbs., if you are looking for a pleasant to carry semi-auto, this is it: it shaves a clean one-half pound off (or more) off of most autoloaders. The previously tested Franchi Affinity weighed 7 lbs., the Weatherby Element Waterfowl came in at 7-1/4 lbs., and so it goes. Those who want the softest-shooting Retay are better off going with the superb 7-1/2 lb. 3-1/2 inch chambered Retay Masai Mara Air King.

You can watch a video review of the Gordion here: . If you are interested in how Retay shotguns are made, I went to Turkey to find out: .

Copyright 2020 by Randy Wakeman. All Rights Reserved.

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Copyright 2020 by Randy Wakeman. All rights reserved.